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(no subject)

Apr. 7th, 2010 | 11:38 am

This is a Rita Skeeter character journal for wizardwatch RPG. She's played by the ever-amazing Miranda Richardson.

I don't own the Harry Potter universe, Rita Skeeter or Miranda Richardson (as much as I'd like to have the latter two tied up and awaiting my whim, *cough*). Alas.

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Thoughts On Week 1

Aug. 28th, 2007 | 10:58 pm

Hello, my dear readers,

I suppose all of you have been watching me for the last week, so I haven't even been gone at all, but I must say I have missed the daily interaction with my readership. It's rather strange, being in this house and knowing the entire wizarding world could be watching - obviously, one cannot think about that all the time. It's not quite comprehensible, especially when juxtaposed with the feeling of isolation that comes with being in here.

What I wouldn't give for a newspaper, a snippet of gossip from the outside world - anything. a reporter's instincts certainly do not go away.

I have instead been observing my housemates.

We are an interesting, if unlikely bunch, it seems. Miss Granger left our number today, which I cannot pretend to be sad about -- I did, of course, nominate her, since she had done little the first week. So much for her legendary skills at magic and organisation, I must say. Longbottom has suggested she's been unwell, which is too bad, really, but no reason for you, the viewers, to give her leeway.

Mr Potter and Romilda Vane were caught in a wonderfully compromising position this morning - something which I'm sure a great many of you saw. I was, of course, baiting Miss Vane earlier in the evening when I suggested Potter slept naked - he doesn't, of course, which you will already know - but her reaction to the statement was quite telling. I fancy myself I have become quite good at reading people, and I was quite amused this morning to discover that my assumptions had been right.

Daphne and Neville seem to be forming quite the bond, which is rather interesting. He is surprisingly earnest and open-minded, and she quite the vixen. I recognise some of myself in her, and as one who has trodden on the hearts of plenty in my time, I do hope our courageous professor doesn't become a victim.

At the risk of writing too much, I believe I will sign off now. My thoughts on the rest of my companions will have to wait til next time.

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Character Sheet

Aug. 7th, 2007 | 05:49 pm

Contact Info:

Name: Angie
Personal LJ: featherxquill
YIM: goat_with_a_breadknife
AIM: severusyesohyes (Note: I use YIM much more than AIM, but if people are on there I will remember to sign on.
Email: featherxquill at livejournal dot com

Timezone: Sydney, Australia *sigh*. This makes me ridiculously far ahead of basically *everyone*, but I am often on late at night because I'm insane, and I should also be around Sundays (Saturday nights for most) and Tuesdays (Monday nights). Sometimes it takes a while to play threads with me, but I will always respond :)

The rest of the information on everyone's favourite reporterCollapse )

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